12 Fence Post Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard

A fence is a great way to add not only security, but functional beauty to your home and property. Fences keep loved ones in and pedestrians out, and they add an element of elegance to your yard that defines your space.

Taking things to the next level of comfort, convenience, and style includes adding lighting to your fence and outdoor space. Not only will lighting create a beautiful look to your whole property, but it can also increase safety around your perimeter while allowing you and your family to use the space well after the sun goes down.

A Plethora Of Options
With so many options out there for landscape and fence lighting, the process of choosing the right style for your property can seem a bit daunting. Adding lighting to your fenceline and yard can provide an updated, beautiful look that adds both depth and value to your existing property without breaking the bank. Below are some suggestions for trending styles right now, as well as suggestions for how to implement, install, and use each for maximum effect. Which one will you choose to lighten and brighten your outdoor space? Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful options for outdoor fence lighting.

1. Solar Rail Lighting
Whether your fence is tall or short, solar rail lighting provides a sleek, clever addition to your perimeter. Lights are low-profile, clean, and easily installed. With full and partial sun, they yield an 8-10 hour charge which is triggered by darkness. Little maintenance on your part is needed to enjoy the benefits of this simple, easy-to-install design.

2. Downward Lighting
Downward lighting gives you hundreds of options for choosing style, brightness, and effect. These easy-to-position lights can be spaced out on your fence slats or posts to highlight landscape features around your yard and patio while providing subtle, warm light around your fence line. Available in both hardwired and solar options, downward lighting can take your landscape to the next level of sophistication and beauty while giving you the benefit of added safety and security around your yard.

3. Colored Lighting
Multicolored lights don’t have to be restricted to the holiday season; adding a fun, multicolored twist to your fence lighting is an excellent option for spicing up your garden parties. Simple, multicolored strands will bring light, depth, and vibrant color to your outdoor living space. Simple installation of strands allows you to control when you turn them on and off, and with LED lighting options, you’ll save money with efficient bulbs that use less electricity than standard bulbs.

4. Elegant, Sophisticated Lighting
That classic Colonial is just begging for an equally impressive fenceline with elegant, sophisticated lighting to enhance your whole landscape look. Add some artistic designs and antique features to play up features around your yard and home, playing with subtle colors as well to add depth to your landscape. Hard wired and solar options are both easy to install, with minimal setup required to create your new outdoor look that begs to be enjoyed by friends and family at your next barbecue.

5. Low Lighting
Who says outdoor lighting has to be in full view? Subtle lighting can be used equally well for safety and for decorative purposes. Low lighting around the base of a perimeter or garden fence is an excellent way to add dramatic flair to your yard. In addition, this low lighting concept can highlight specific landscaping elements, plants, and trees around your yard. Combine both low lighting and fence lighting elements to really add pizzazz to your backyard, leaving little need for fancy footwork as guests and family members stroll through your beautiful space.

6. Combination Lighting
Combination lighting helps to create a breathtaking hourglass lighting effect along your fence line. The use of downward and upward light can create a stunning visual display while illuminating spaces around your yard. Most combination lighting concepts are hardwired, but any additional work to complete a quality installation is well worth the visual effect when both elements are used simultaneously.

7. Curtain Lighting
A simple sheet of curtain lighting is a great way to create a dressed-up backyard look. You may use multiple strands of standard holiday lighting or sheet lighting to create your look, making sure that lights run close together and vertically to get the full effect. Curtain lighting is simple to install and requires only a single outlet to plug into. LED light options provide an easy, energy-saving way to enjoy backyard benefits without breaking the bank.

8. Bistro Lighting
Bistro lights were once the preferred way to accent a deck or patio, but they can also be used to illuminate your fenceline and yard. Bistro lighting is simple, yet it has the remarkable ability to add dramatic flair to your fenceline with its minimalist style and easy installation. As bistro lights are quite versatile, they can be used as an accompaniment to existing lighting, further brightening up your outdoor spaces.

9. Sphere Lights
Showcase your style and artistic preferences by choosing something truly unique for your outdoor lighting concept. Low-profile sphere lights can create interesting plays and pops of color along your fence line. Placing them in different locations along your fence line allows them to play well with other landscape features such as large shrubs and low-hanging branches.

10. Post Lighting
Some homeowners wish to accent all aspects of a yard, opting for post lighting rather than lights that hang on a fence. Post lighting not only highlights individual posts, but it helps project light up and out away from your yard. Most post light designs are simple to install, fitting snugly atop a standard 4×4 inch post. Enjoy both simple and decorative designs that will allow you to create a customized look and design with your backyard lighting concept.

11. Hanging Lanterns
Hanging lanterns lend an austere look to your outdoor space. Constructed similarly to post light options, these lanterns hang along your fence line and in spaces around your yard. With simple and ornate designs, the sky is the limit with regard to choosing a unique look that expresses your unique style. Available in both hard-wired and solar options, this classic look will brighten up any backyard with some extra sparkle.

12. In-Ground Perimeter Lights
Really want to create a dramatic lighting concept around your fence line? Why not install in-ground lighting around the perimeter of your fence to provide a subtle yet dramatic glow that gets some attention. Sturdy designs and solid construction may be a bit trickier to install, but the overall look and appearance are well worth the extra time to create dramatic beauty that seems to come from out of nowhere. LED and color-changing varieties provide you with many options for customizing your look and even changing it up at different times throughout the year.

Well Worth The Time And Investment
Time requirements and investment in fence lighting do not have to be significant in order for you to enjoy its benefits. Not only will it secure your outdoor space and redefine property lines, but it will also add value, interest, and ambiance to an otherwise forgotten part of your home and property. Fence lines no longer have to be solely utilitarian; they can provide security and beauty in one that will allow you and your crew to enjoy your yard as much as the rest of your home. Choose your favorite, plan your installation, and then start planning all the fun and frivolity that will come with your new and improved outdoor space.