The Best Post Hole Diggers of 2022: Reviews & Ratings

Do you like doing the tasks around the house by yourself? Then a post hole digger will be a great addition to your toolbox. It is a versatile tool that can be used to do heavy-duty jobs in the garden. From planting trees to installing fences, you can do so much with a post hole digger in your backyard.

There are several post hole diggers available in the market. You can choose from manual, gas-powered, electric, and hydraulic post hole diggers. Whatever be your budget, you can find out the one suitable for you.

If you are looking for a manual digger, we recommend the True Temper Fiberglass post hole digger. It comes with strong handles and high-quality steel blades, and a built-in ruler for digging the perfect hole.

The Hiltex 10525 electric post hole digger is the best if you are looking for an electric digger. It comes with a strong 1200W high-performance motor and anti-vibration handles for greater comfort and ease of use.

If you have a large property and need a portable solution, we recommend gas-powered post hole diggers. The Earthquake E43 with its 43 CC motor can really get the job done, digging through rocks, hard gravel, and even roots.

Among hydraulic post hole diggers, Tool-Tuff Earth Ogre S21 is the recommended choice due to its high quality and durability.

Best Manual Post Hole Diggers

Manual post hole diggers are perhaps the most common, but they need a little muscle.

Do you need to install a mailbox or make holes for fence posts? Or perhaps you want to plant a small tree? If you have some light to medium-level digging to be done, manual diggers are the best.

Manual diggers come with two hinged scoops attached to a pair of long handles. They work by thrusting the scoop into the soil to loosen the dirt and soil and then scooping them out.

Manual post hole diggers are portable and easy to operate. However, if you need to dig deeper, they can give you quite a workout.

If you are looking for a manual post hole digger, we recommend the following:

1. True Temper Fiberglass Handle Post Hole Digger

The True Temper post hole digger comes with steel blades, featuring a sharp point and round size for creating the perfect hole. It also has a ruler built into the handle so that you can easily measure depth. You also get cushion end grips for more comfort and better control.

The handles are 48 inches long and also weather-resistant. If you need to install fence posts, flag holes, or other inground structures, this post hole digger is a great option.


·      Strong and durable steel blades

·      The built-in ruler helps dig precise holes.

·      Comes fully assembled

·      Cushion end grips make work easy without tiring out the arms and hands.


·      Only suitable for light work around the house, not commercial grade.

·      Not ideal for heavy-duty rocky soil.

2. Bully Tools 92382 Post Hole Digger

The Bully Tools post hole digger comes with heavy-duty fiberglass handles. These handles have a triple wall construction, making them durable and long-lasting. The blades are made of high-quality steel and measure 9×5 inches. These 14-gauge steel blades are ideal for breaking up hard soil. So, whether you need to dig holes for posts, plants, or mailboxes- the Bully Tools post hole digger will get the job done.

The handle is 47 inches long, so you don’t need to bend too much while digging a hole. Whether you are farming, gardening, or landscaping- this post digger can make your job a whole lot easier.


·      Commercial grade post hole digger

·      High strength fiberglass handles

·      High-quality, durable steel blades

·      Designed to reduce strain and increase leverage


·      The hinge mechanism is weak.

·      Handles do not spread far apart to scoop the dirt out of the ground.

3. Truper 30379 Tru Pro Heavy Duty Post Hole Digger

Truper post hole diggers come with 48-inch handles. You can choose between wooden handles or fiberglass handles. Wooden handles are made of Professional Grade Premium North American White Ash, which offers the optimum ratio of resistance and flexibility. The design of the post digger makes it easy to use and is also more comfortable for your hands, arms, and back.

The Truper post hole digger is great for garden and backyard work. However, it is commercial grade and may also be used in agriculture, farms, and on the ranch.


·      Penetrates even tough soil

·      High-quality handles and stainless steel blades

·      Commercial grade


·      The hinge mechanism is slightly weak

·      Not very effective on sand-like soil.

Best Electric Post Hole Diggers

Electric post hole diggers come with an electric motor that powers the auger. Auger refers to the giant corkscrew-like device that is attached to the end of the digger and is used for creating a hole by pushing the dirt down. You can choose from a wide selection of augers, with variable blade widths.

Many people opt for electric post hole diggers because they are lighter, convenient, require lesser maintenance than other types of diggers. You can also find battery-powered electric models in the market.

Electric post hole diggers are significantly quieter than gas-powered ones. However, if you have a large property, it may be difficult to get power to the outer reaches of your large property.

We recommend the following electric post hole diggers:

1. HILTEX 10525 Electric Post Hole Digger Earth Auger Drill

If you need to drill holes for installing fence posts or decks, then the Hiltex post hole electric digger is a perfect choice. It is also very useful for planting trees and other landscaping work.

It comes with a powerful 1200W motor that is excellent for all digging projects. Its powerhead comes with an anti-vibration handle that makes it comfortable to use, even with one hand. Rubberized handle grips allow you to work comfortably, offering a non-slip grip that reduces hand fatigue during prolonged use.

The Hiltex electric post hole digger comes with a 4-inch by 30-inch auger bit suitable for a wide range of home applications like fence posts, planting, and other lawn applications.


·      Comes with a safety lock feature that prevents accidental drill startups.

·      1.6HP high-performance motor delivers 90 lb-ft of torque at 200 RPM speed for faster drilling.

·      Ergonomic design with anti-vibration grip for better leverage and stability.


·      It does not dislodge rocks and roots.

·      Loose dirt needs to be removed by hand.

·      Reverse function not available.

2. XtremepowerUS 1500W Electric Post Hole Digger

The XtremeplusUS comes with a strong 1500W motor. The high-performance motor delivers 90 ft-lb of torque with 2,700 RPM impact speed.

It has an ergonomic design for greater ease and comfort during use. Comfortable handles with anti-skid, vibration-proof grips provide maximum stability and leverage while working.

The auger drill bit is made of high-strength manganese steel to withstand impact, material wear, and other bad working conditions. The auger bit comes with durable black paint, making it rust and corrosion-resistant.


·      Powerhead comes with a safety lock to prevent accidental triggering.

·      Robust 1500W motor

·      Ergonomic design with anti-vibration handles for greater comfort during use.


·      Does not come with a shock-absorbing spring with the auger.

·      Reverse function not available.

3. Landworks Heavy-Duty Electric Cordless Post Hole Digger

The Landworks post hole digger combines the portability of a gas-powered digger with the ease and convenience of an electric model. The unit is powered by an electric brushless motor that delivers 320 RPM for faster and efficient performance. The brushless motor makes the digging process smooth and efficient, while the powerhead comes with a 3 Planetary Gear Mechanism for higher transmission.

The Landworks Electric post hole digger is useful for digging post holes, bedding plants, and other garden work. The unit also includes a high-intensity LED light for nighttime use.


·      It is cordless, so can be taken anywhere.

·      Easy to operate

·      Comes with ergonomic silicone handle grips for better balance and stability.


·      Not ideal for areas with clay, rocks, or roots.

·      Switches can feel a little inferior.

Best Gas Post Hole Diggers

If you need to dig deep holes in a matter of minutes, you need a gas-powered post hole digger. Gas-powered post hole diggers are especially useful if you need to dig large holes or have rocky soil. These diggers can even cut into the hardest-packed clay.

Gas-powered diggers are mostly made of steel and have a wide range of blades available in different widths. If you need to dig a wider hole, you need to choose a wider blade.

If you are looking for a gas-powered post hole digger, we recommend the following:

1. Earthquake E43 1-Person Earth Auger Powerhead with 43cc 2-Cycle Viper Engine

Earthquake is one of America’s most trusted brands due to its durability and dependability. It is lightweight, yer perfect for heavy-duty work. Easy-to-grip handles with fingertip throttle control make it very easy to use the unit. Anti-vibration, foam-grip handles make it comfortable for prolonged use.

It comes with a 43CC Viper 2-Cycle engine with a fuel tank capacity of 0.3 gallons.


·      Powerful

·      Easy to start

·      Multiple attachments available


·      No reverse function

·      Has to be perfectly upright to start

2. ECO LLC 52cc 2.4HP Gas Powered Post Hole Digger

Image credit: Amazon

If you are looking for a heavy-duty post hole digger, then this is it. Equipped with a 52CC 2.5 HP gasoline engine, the ECO post hole digger can be used for a variety of tasks including fence posts, poles, trees, and shrubs.

It comes with 6” and 10” bits for various digging requirements. Bits are made of alloy steel blades for maximum digging performance and versatility. A translucent fuel tank lets you easily check when you need a refill.


·      Powerful 52CC 2-stroke gasoline engine

·      Steel handlebar frame provides secure protection against engine damage.

·      Manual recoil start with an easy fuel delivery system.


·      Some parts may feel flimsy

·      Not suitable for clay.

·      The extension is unstable.

3. XtremepowerUS 43CC Gas Post Hole Digger

Image credit: Amazon

This post hole digger gives you plenty of power to efficiently dig and bore through holes for decks, fence posts, planting trees and so much more. It comes equipped with a strong 2-stroke 43CC gasoline engine that allows you to drill multiple holes in quick succession.

It is lightweight and easy to use for greater convenience and comfort during prolonged use.


·      The heavy-duty die-cast metal auger bit is suitable for digging through rocky soil, clay, and roots.

·      Easy-to-grip finger throttle and switch control on the handlebar for enhanced user power.

·      Wide detachable butterfly handles for easy transportation and storage.


·      Starting problems

·      Unclear gas/oil mix ratio. The manual says 30:1 but the box says 40:1.

Best Hydraulic Post Hole Diggers

Hydraulic post hole diggers are usually tractor implements. They are mainly used for digging holes in any kind of soil with less time and effort.

We recommend the following hydraulic post hole diggers:

1. Tool-Tuff Earth Ogre S21 Hydraulic Post Hole Digger

Image credit: Amazon

This industrial-grade post-hole digger comes with five different mounting locations. It is swivel-mounted, allowing it to drive straight up and down, and even on side-slopes.


·      Fits any standard size skid steer

·      Runs off of 12-21 GPM flow rate

·      High-Friction / slip-resistant compound on top of the frame


·      Needs powerful tractors to function

·      Higher maintenance required

2. Tool-Tuff Earth Ogre 420 Hydraulic Post Hole Digger for Skid Steer Tractors

The Tool-Tuff Earth Ogre 420 comes with a heavy-duty 8mm welded steel construction plate. It also comes with a cradle for stabilizing hydraulic powerhead during transiting between job sites.


·      Comes with 5 different mounting locations

·      Mounts to standard 45” skid steer plate

·      Comes with quick-connect fittings, hoses, and everything else needed to connect to the skid-steer.


·      Starting problems when cold

·      Higher maintenance

3. Bush Hog Hydraulic Post Hole Digger

The Bush Hog hydraulic post hole digger can dig through the most demanding conditions. It is an industrial-grade digger with 3/8-inch thick flighting.


·      Ideal for all soil conditions

·      Available in different sizes from 6 inches to 36 inches

·      Industrial grade


·      Expensive

·      More maintenance required